Donald Kitt

Donald Kitt was born in Canada in 1964, just a few days after Odin Teatret  was born. After studying at the University of Winnipeg, he acted in many performances until 1989, when he co-created Primus Theatre in Canada, a company dedicated to original, multi-disciplinary performances which toured throughout Canada, USA and Europe. After the group ceased its activities in 1998, Donald Kitt moved to Italy where he worked as a performer, teacher and stilt instructor. In 2006 Donald joined Odin Teatret and now, as well as acting, he performs on stilts, teaches workshops and directs an evolving group of young stilters and performers involved in barters and transformances (theatricalisation of a specific social milieu) in Denmark. Donald Kitt has also worked independently with Tage Larsen, the director of his solo performance The Starry Messenger. 


Andersen's Dream
Great Cities under the Moon
The Chronic Life
Ode to Progress
Inside the Skeleton of the Whale
The Tree

Performances with Donald Kitt as actor for other companies

The Starry Messenger (directed by Tage Larsen)
Alkoremmi (Primus Theatre)
Caravan of the Midnight Sun (Primus Theatre)
Scarabesque (Primus Theatre)
The Night Room (Primus Theatre)
Life Cycle and  Madrugada (Primus Theatre and Thira)
Far Away Home (Primus Theatre)
Viaggio al Cielo (Primus Theatre)
Looking for Norma (Segni Particulari)
Vin Santo (Segni Particulari) 

Performances directed by Donald Kitt for other companies

Anna e Le Cittá  Invisibili (Segni Particulari)

Workshops with Donald

Sticks & Stones

Feats of Perfoming. A journey into hidden meanings.

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