A chamber performance with music and songs about the children Moshe and Stella and their stories with a happy ending.

Memoria deals with the burden of remembering and the commitment not to forget, with the challenges of returning home after deportation, and with a stranger singing under a tree.


The performance is dedicated to the writers Primo Levi and Jean Améry who survived Auschwitz only to commit suicide later.

The true stories about Moshe and Stella come from the book by Yaffa Eliach: Hasidic Tales of the Holocaust. In the performance there is a quotation from the poem by Paul Celan: Death Fugue.


Actress: Else Marie Laukvik

Musician: Frans Winther

Text: Else Marie Laukvik in collaboration with Eugenio Barba and Frans Winther

Music: Frans Winther, and Yiddish songs

Directed by Eugenio Barba

Production: Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo and Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium Odin Teatret

First performed: 1990 (-1992); 2012, Holstebro, Denmark

Countries & Places


2017: Denmark (Holstebro, Højbjerg/Aarhus)
2016: Cuba (Bayamo, Havana, Santiago de Cuba); Denmark (Copenhagen, Holstebro); Italy (Bergamo); Romania (Sibiu)
2015: Colombia (Bogotá); Denmark (Anholt, Bur, Copenhagen; Holstebro; Lyngby; Ringkøbing; Ulfborg); Russia (St. Petersburg)
2014: China (Shanghai, Wuzhen); Denmark (Charlottenlund, Copenhagen, Holstebro, Ourø); Italy (Lecce, Gallipoli, Rome); Venezuela (Caracas); Spain (Sevilla)
2013: Denmark (Copenhagen, Holstebro, Hornbæk, Snekkersten); Germany (Bielefeld); Italy (Bergamo); Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur); Sweden (Falkenberg)
2012: Denmark (Holstebro)

Other countries (1990-1992):Brazil, Denmark, Italy

International Festivals

FITS - Sibiu International Theatre Festival (2016)
CPH Stage, Copenhagen, Denmark (2016)
Rainbow - 16th International Theatre Festival, St. Petersburg, Russia (2015)
Wuzhen International Theatre Festival, China (2014)
Festival Internazionale del Teatro Urbano, Rome, Italy (2014)
MITIN - Muestra Internacional de Teatro de Investigación, Sevilla, Spain (2014)

(from 2014)

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